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Halloween Cake Tricks and Treats

Posted by admin on October 2, 2012

Halloween means three things; dressing up, indulging in too many sweets, and horror.  Sometimes people try to combine all three, to varying degrees of success.

Here are some of the sweetest and most horrifying Halloween cakes we could scare up.

“Happy Hallowen Trick or Troat!” Looks like someone may have partied a bit too hard on Devil’s Night.

Green dog covered in spiders? Elongated Frankenstein?  Evil caterpillar? The jury is out on this truly horrifying Halloween cake.

Nothing says Halloween like a smiley vampire in desperate need of dental work. It’s not like this cake was altered last minute to be Halloween themed or anything.

Journey into the terror of the unknown with this Halloween cake. While we cannot comprehend the true insidious nature of this cake, we are given three words to dwell on. “Evil Witch Hat.” I’m getting chills.

For as many Tricks Halloween throws at us, there are always just as many Treats!